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Who we are

Our history :

Our call center was created in   2004 by a group of dynamic business leaders; from various backgrounds and whose goal was to support companies in their business development while reducing their costs thanks to the many advantages of offshoring and outsourcing of telemarketing and teleworking services.

It is at   Yaounde   in Cameroon, that VIP CALL-CENTER was born; perfectly bilingual country (French and English). Since its VIP launch, CALL-CENTER has been deployed on three continents and today offers its services in several countries: France , Belgium , Cameroon , Canada , Israel and the United States .

Our quality approach aims to implement efficient processes for the performance and satisfaction of our customers, managed according to the principle of continuous improvement, in compliance with the requirements of the standards in force.

A network of expertise, knowledge and dissemination!

Vip Call Center is specialized in telemarketing operations, phone prospection, taking appointments, qualification files, telesales, telecommuting, surveys and polls, tele-secretariat and creating websites and graphic content.

We offer   bilingual services (French - English)   highly flexible and scalable tailor-made tailored to your needs for consumer and business. (B2B - B2C)

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