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VIP CALL CANADA   is an effective tool allowing you to proactively make the telephone solicitation with potential customers with whom you do not yet do business and whom you can then convert into real customers.

We build trusting relationships with your current and future customers. We act as representatives of your company to your customers, paying them special attention.

Entrust the telemarketing of your business to an outsourcing service and focus your efforts on growing your business. With over 15 years of experience,   VIP CALL CANADA   simplifies your task and allows you to quickly increase your income.


Today the cost of rents is increasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to make ends meet for young companies. So why not use new information and communication technologies to overcome this problem?

VIP CALL CENTER   gives employers all the necessary means so that they can carry out their IT work remotely while reducing their production costs, thanks to new communication technologies such as internet, VOIP telephone, and project management CRMs.

By entrusting your telemarketing campaigns, your web development or your graphic design to   VIP CALL CENTER , you will obtain exemplary service and expected results at a lower cost.


The main objective of   VIP CALL CENTER is to make it easy for businesses and professionals by making remote sales of their products or services via a phone call to an individual, a business or both at the same time.

We take care of the phone sales of your products / services and increase your turnover. A strategy that also allows you to reduce your expenses and save time.

Thanks to a strategic targeting of prospects, and a proven expertise, our telephone sales teams take care of negotiating for you and concluding as effectively as possible with current and future customers.


VIP CALL CENTER specializes in the management of telephone calls and electronic agendas. We help companies and liberal professionals to reduce their costs.

We remotely manage all administrative tasks for self-employed workers and businesses:

Appointment setting, Telephone call management, Transcription of various documents, Quotation writing, Agenda update, Informing customers by e-mail, telephone, sms. In addition, we are able to manage the files of several colleagues working within the same company.